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Crushed Concrete Delivery From Aggregate Suppliers in Watford and North West London | FAQs About Recycled Aggregates

At Harrow Grab Hire, as aggregate suppliers, we provide a range of aggregate deliveries in Watford and the surrounding areas we cover across North West London. In addition to sustainable aggregates and crushed concrete delivery, we manage green waste collection, hardcore removal, commercial and domestic waste removals, site clearances and muck away services. We specialise in collecting and delivering aggregates for landscaping and construction projects, commercial jobs and local authorities.

Here, we answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our recycled aggregates.


What Are Recycled Aggregates?

Recycled aggregates are re-processed materials from construction waste. Instead of using new crushed stone, gravel or sand, recycled aggregates repurpose materials and reduce landfill waste.

How Are Aggregates Recycled?

Many materials can be repurposed as recycled aggregates. Each kind of material has to go through a series of specialist processes to create successful, high-quality construction materials. Most recycled aggregates are created by refining collected waste from construction projects and removing unwanted additions such as metal or wood. The material is then traditionally crushed with specialist machines to create aggregates that meet the specifications for their intended purpose.

As aggregate suppliers, we provide numerous quality aggregates for a variety of applications. In addition to our crushed concrete delivery, we also manage hardcore removal and muck away services to fulfil all of our clients' needs.

What Are The Benefits of Recycled Aggregate?

There are many benefits of choosing recycled aggregates, a few of which include:

  • Reliable and Durable

  • Versatile

  • Environmentally Sustainable

Reliable and Durable

Whether you have domestic or commercial requirements, the durability of recycled aggregates is a key advantage. They are on par with traditional aggregates, so you’ll achieve the same performance and consistency.


Recycled aggregates are extremely versatile. There are many different types of recycled aggregates available, so you can find a sustainable material that meets your needs.

Environmentally Sustainable

One of the core benefits of using recycled aggregates is that it is environmentally sustainable. It uses much less energy during production and eliminates the need to quarry new materials. Recycled aggregates are reused locally, so the single deliveries with shipping, rail and road haulage for new aggregates are minimised. They also reduce landfill waste, and natural resources are protected.

Specialist Services

As dedicated aggregate suppliers, we provide a range of quality services in Watford and across North West London, including:

  • Commercial Waste Collection

  • Domestic Waste Collection

  • Green Waste Collection

  • Site Clearances

  • Sustainable Aggregate Deliveries

  • Hardcore Removal

  • Muck Away

  • Crushed Concrete Delivery

Our team are happy to discuss your upcoming projects with you and advise on the required aggregates to fulfil your needs. We can advise on all elements of the sustainable aggregates we supply for domestic and commercial projects.

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