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Crushed Concrete Delivery

Crushed Concrete Delivery in Wembley, Harrow, Watford, St Albans and North West London

At Harrow Grab Hire, as experienced aggregate suppliers, we can deliver various materials, including crushed concrete. We supply this aggregate in a range of sizes, such as types 1, 2 and 3. Our team provides aggregate deliveries for various projects in Harrow, St Albans, Watford, Northwood, Wembley and North West London. Crushed concrete is the perfect aggregate for large sub-base areas, utility trenches and more applications.

Prospective customers can contact us to discuss their upcoming projects, and our experts can advise on the best aggregate for their requirements.


Aggregate Deliveries

We deliver all aggregates on-site for landscaping or building projects and commercial building projects. Our company tries to recycle as much as possible, which is why some of the soils we collect are screened to produce good-quality topsoil, and all of our hardcore and concrete loads are recycled to produce various grades of crushed stone.

Some of the popular aggregates we supply in addition to our crushed concrete delivery service include:

  • Organic Topsoil

  • MOT Type 1

  • Aggregates

  • Crushed Concrete

  • Sharp Sand

  • Ballast

Organic Topsoil

Our organic topsoil is perfect for those looking to add nutrients to their soil, improve plant growth, provide better drainage and reduce soil erosion.

MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1 provides a solid base for various construction projects. We provide safe and reliable granite and limestone type 1 to ensure successful projects.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is a hugely beneficial aggregate that can be used to mix strong mortars, floor screed and cement.


Ballast is used to produce concrete foundations and bases.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete can be used for patios, pathways, and driveways.

Why Choose Crushed Concrete?

Crushed concrete is created by crushing down old hardscaping or construction elements, such as pavements, driveways, roads, curbs and buildings. Using crushed concrete for projects is a more environmentally friendly choice because it prevents concrete from being discarded in landfills. It is also more affordable than other options, such as quarried stone, but does not sacrifice any of the quality. Crushed concrete is a fantastic resource that can be used in lots of projects in St Albans, Harrow, Watford, Wembley, Northwood and North West London.

The experienced team at Harrow Grab Hire are happy to advise prospective clients on all aspects of our crushed concrete delivery service. As aggregate suppliers, we can discuss customers’ unique requirements and help establish if our quality crushed concrete is the right choice for their projects and if they may need any of our other aggregates.

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